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This site has articles, papers, studies and stats on Point Shooting & Self Defense.

You will find information on P&S (AIMED Point Shooting), CAR (Center Axis Relock), FAS (Fairbairn, Applegate, Sykes), QK (Quick Kill), our Fight or Flight response, and articles on other self defense subjects. Included are the FBI papers on Handgun Wounding Factors and Effectiveness, and The 10mm Pistol. You will also find the marksmanship portions of the US Army's: Combat Training With Pistols M9 And M11, and The US Marine Corps Pistol Marksmanship Manual. My e-mail is ps (at)

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P-40 P-47 P-51 Hawker Russian 1-16 Me-109

A Super Guppy on a low fly-by at Paine Field WA.

Here's one of a Boeing 747 freighter taking off.

And one of a Boeing "Dreamlifter" landing.

Another "Dreamlifter" landing (1280/720).



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The NYPD's Gauge For Measuring Combat Shooting Success.

NYPD Officers Rarely Discharge Their Firearm Intentionally During Confrontations.

First Time Pistol Shooter Finds Springfield XD-S 9mm Easy & Fun To Use.

Women & Point Shooting.

Training For What?

Sight Alignment - Accuracy - And Adrenaline.

Precision Accuracy In .2 To .3 Seconds.

The Time Lapse Between Thinking - SHOOT! - And Shooting.

Grab Gun - Point Finger - Pull Trigger.


The Officer's Guide To Police Pistolcraft by Michael E. Conti.
A report on Michael E. Conti's book.

Proof That Point Shooting Works In Combat.

Shooting Aerials With P&S Is "Easy".

A P&S Aiming Aid Provides For Fast, Automatic, Instinctive,
And Accurate Aiming At Close Quarters.

Interview With A Chicago PD Veteran Of 14 Gunfights.

Robbery photo

A Real Time Gunfight. Who Wins, Who Dies?


The 1911's Fatal Flaw - YouTube Video. Views are now over 575,000. Text Article.

sight pic spacer sight pic=

How To Get A Fast, Automatic And Correct Flash Sight Picture.

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Point Shooting is a method of shooting accurately that does not rely on the use of the sights, which are not or can not be used effectively in most all close quarters life threat situations. And it is in those situations, where there is the greatest chance of one being shot and/or killed.

No light or low light conditions, a lack of time to employ the sights, and our body's instinctive and automatic response to close quarters life threata, can prevent a person from meeting the must-be-met requirements of Sight Reliant Shooting (Sight Shooting).

There are several effective Point Shooting methods which can be employed in self defense situations. AIMED Point Shooting or P&S is one of them.



AIMED Point Shooting or P&S is a simple, fast, and accurate method of shooting. It can be learned with little or no training, and maintained with minimal practice.

P&S is for use at Close Quarters where one's chance of being shot and/or killed is the greatest. If that's going to happen, there is an 80% chance that it will happen at less than 21 feet.

P&S can be used: in good light or bad, when there isn't time to use the siights or you can't see them clearly, when moving, and against moving targets, even aerials.


You just grab your gun, place your index finger along its side, point at a target, and pull the trigger with your middle finger.

p220 spacer PS grip

That's all there is to it. Point-n-pull. Point-n-pull.

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Ever wonder why you should not
stand by tidal pools in flip-flops?

eel pic

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Note: You will find that some of the articles contain the same basic info about P&S. An attempt has been made to keep that to a minimum. But, visitors do not have to read the site pages in order. They can selectively access a page via a search engine, or by clicking on a link of their choice. So what may be repetitive to one, may not be repetitive to another.

Grab Gun - Point Finger - Pull Trigger.

AIMED Point Shooting or P&S - in brief.

A Digest of Walter J. Dorfner's paper on P&S.

An extended brief on AIMED Point Shooting or P&S.

How to get a fast, automatic and correct Flash Sight Picture,
plus a fast, automatic and correct Sight Picture.

Use of the sights in real
close quarters life threat situations.

eye pic

Recent gun test info with pics.

Video - Shooting ONE HANDED.

Note that the pointing and shooting are done as one action. That is, I point at the target and as soon as my senses say that I am where I am pointing, I pull the trigger. Here's what the US Army says about that in its combat Pistol Manual of 2003: "When a soldier points, he instinctively points at the feature on the object on which his eyes are focused. An impulse from the brain causes the arm and hand to stop when the finger reaches the proper position."

Video - Shooting TWO HANDED.

Using the middle finger to pull the trigger.

The P&S grip is a very strong grip.

The P&S grip and method = less recoil and better accuracy.

Grip mechanics.

P&S - A cure for low left shooting.

Two hands good, one hand better - Pt. 1

Two hands good, one hand better - Pt. 2

Video - EZ Point Shooting with a pistol. A how-to video.

Survival Point Shooting.

Survival Point Shooting - (text and pics).

Shooting aerials with P&S is "easy".

Using P&S while moving.

How to get COM hits automatically - while moving.

Video - Get Off The X.

Move and shoot or die.

How to add a "Test" P&S Aiming Aid to a gun.

A P&S Aiming Aid provides for fast, automatic, instinctive, and accurate aiming at close quarters.

Spring Glock Glock Ruger

You are welcome to add a P&S Aiming Aid to your personal gun/s at your own risk and expense. And ditto for Police Agencies who wish to add them to Agency guns. A P&S aiming aid makes correct index finger placement along the side of the gun automatic and mechanical, and keeps the index finger away from the slide.

The P&S aiming aid is patented. A simple licensing arrangement is available to those who wish to produce and/or sell them as part of, or as an addition to hand held guns. Contact ps (at) for more info. Also, see the next article.

A million dollar opportunity for you - and a life saver for others.

Precision accuracy in .2 to .3 seconds.

The time lapse between thinking - SHOOT! - and shooting.

Sight Alignment - Accuracy - and Adrenaline.

First time pistol shooter finds Springfield XD-S 9mm easy & fun to use.

Women & Point Shooting.

Nine Matches for use with P&S and a P&S Aiming Aid.

Afraid to try AIMED Point Shooting or P&S?

Training for what?

Pat 1902 spacer Pat 1908 spacer Pat 1942 spacer Pat 1992

U.S. Patents acknowledge and employ P&S.

NRA supports the use of Point Shooting for self defense.

1835 book says to use P&S in duels and for self defense.

French Officer mortally wounds German Officer using P&S in 1870.

The use of P&S mentioned or described in books dated:
1804, 1810, 1816, 1829, 1835, 1870, 1885, 1898, 1900, 1903, 1912,
1915, 1917, 1918, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1929, 1941.

The U.S. Army now backs the use of P&S - Who backs your method?

Why doesn't the US Army just connect the DOTS?

Robbery photo

A real time gunfight. Who wins, who dies?

Interview with a Chicago PD veteran of 14 gunfights.

An E-mail note from an officer + a link to a video of him in a shootout.

Point Shooting and Officer survival.

Proof that Point Shooting works in combat.

Let's take a break for something extra good.

Bake & Broil Warrior Chicken:

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Then broil for 1/2 hour or so - turn as needed.

Add simple spices, salsa, or whatever.

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pop cans spacer pop cans

An easy-to-make BB trap for airsoft guns.

Airsoft pistol morphs into a carbine and is used to test Quick Kill.

Easy-To-Make airsoft magazine "Gas-up" Station.

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P-40 P-47 P-51 Hawker Russian 1-16 Me-109

A Super Guppy on a low fly-by at Paine Field WA.

Here's one of a Boeing 747 freighter taking off.

And one of a Boeing "Dreamlifter" landing.

Another "Dreamlifter" landing (1280/720).

Pics & videos of Sight Reliant Shooting being used effectively in CQ gunfights.

I had to make a FOIA request to the FBI to obtain the following document. My initial request was denied, so I had to appeal that, and so on and so forth. I jumped through those hoops, as I believe that the info in it is of value to the millions of law abiding folks who have a handgun for self defense. It also may help some realize that a gun is not a magical wand that will ward off evil and assure their safety and security.

Part 1 of the FBI paper on handgun wounding factors and effectiveness.

Part 2 of the FBI paper on handgun wounding factors and effectiveness.

The NYPD's SOP 9 study of 6,000+ Police combat cases.

The FBI'S 10mm pistol.

One-Shot Drops - Surviving The Myth - A link to the FBI's 2004 LEB article.

Two year Homeland Security FLETC research project shows its shooting training is a bust.

The RAND Corp. study of NYPD handgun training.

The NYPD's gauge for measuring combat shooting success.

NYPD officers rarely discharge their firearm intentionally during confrontations.

Charging the bullet: a scientific evaluation of Police training tactics.

New joint study by the Force Science Research Institute & Canada/UK
supports the use of Point Shooting.

In less than five minutes, two heavily armed and well-prepared criminals shot and killed four California Highway Patrol officers.

The California Newhall incident of 4/5/70.

The FBI's official files on the shootout in Miami of 4/11/86.

SAs Benjamin P. Grogan and Jerry Dove were killed. SAs Edmundo Mireles, Jr., John F. Hanlon, Jr., SSA Gordon G. McNeill, and SAs Gilbert M. Orrantia and Richard A. Manauzzi were wounded. The subjects - Matix and Platt - were killed by fire of SAs.

The Lakewood AAR in PDF form.

Shooting distance and survival.

Staying alive on the job - a survival guide for Peace Officers.

ILEETA Use-Of-Force Panel Favors Sight Reliant Shooting.

How 2 shoot 2 kill more effectively.

Flying saucers, Sight Reliant Shooting, and self defense.

Force Science tests show that even inexperienced shooters
are fast and deadly using Point Shooting.

A critical problem with the use of Sight Reliant Shooting.

Sight Reliant Shooting = Snake Oil for the masses.

Force Science Research Center re-affirms
that some firearm instructors "just don't get it."

An open letter to police trainers and firearm instructors - Part 1.

An open letter to police trainers and firearm instructors - Part 2.

For the past 22 years, Police Officers have been shot and killed at the rate of one every seven days, and thousands are wounded each year. And the FBI, Agencies, trainers, and gun makers don't seem to care. Most still train Police Officers to use Sight Shooting, even though it is not used in most all Close Quarters life threat situations where there is the greatest chance of Officers being shot and/or killed.

A call for action.

Competition shooting and combat shooting are not like two peas in a pod.

Some gunfight stats and facts - FYI.

Would banning firearms reduce murder and suicide?

Is the Front Sight Press technique practical, or is it Front Sight Folly?

Is your shooting method obsolete? Will it get you killed?

You better march in lock-step with the traditional dogma or else!
Gioedana Bruno didn't, so he was burned at the stake.



A fatal flaw of the 1911 - YouTube video. A fatal flaw of the 1911 - local video.

A fatal flaw of the 1911 - text article.

How to get a FREE copy of the original M1911 manual.

1911 spacer 1911

The 1911's grip angle = misses in CQB.

Click here for the You-Tube video. Click here for the video on this site.

Why shooters often shoot low and to the left.

P&S - a cure for low left shooting.

Muzzle movement and accuracy.

Why learn Sight Reliant Shooting first?

A question about using P&S with revolvers and when moving.

It's "Deja Vu" all over again.

A problem with Glock grips + a solution.

Here is a pic of a gun that comes without sights...


Click here for the reasons why, as provided by the gun maker.


Pistol Quick Kill (QK).

Why Quick Kill or QK ??

Which is fastest: P&S, or QK, or FSP...

The C.A.R. system of gun fighting.

Why C.A.R. ? - By: Paul Castle, the originator of the system.

More support for the C.A.R. system.

FAS pic

Point Shooting as taught by Fairbairn, Sykes and Applegate
+ a link to a how-to-do You-Tube video.

Rifle Quick Kill - The US Army's fast, unaimed, and accurate rifle shooting method - TT 23-71-1.

How to shoot more effectively in CQB situations.

Target-Focused Shooting used by the CHP.

Lou Chiodo's interview on Threat Focused Shooting and FOF.

Jim Cirillo and CQB shooting methods.

A WW II US Army Point Shooting film clip (with a pistol using tracer ammo)
+ pics of the tracer-tracks which show target hits.

The US Army's: Combat Training With Pistols M9 And M11 - FM 3-23.35 -
Chapter 1. Sections 1. thru 4. (Description and Components - Maintenance -
Operation and Function - Performance Problems), and
Chapter 2. Section 1. (Basic Pistol Marksmanship).

The US Marine Corps Pistol Marksmanship Manual (11/2003) -
Chapter 1. (The M9 Service Pistol), Chapter 2. (Weapons Handling), and
Chapter 3. (Fundamentals of Pistol Marksmanship).

Snap Shooting in Close Combat. (12/1944)

C 96
The Chinese Army, P&S, and the Mauser C96.


Part 1 of the Seattle PD special report on the M26 Taser.

Part 2 of the Seattle PD special report on the M25 Taser.

A digest of the Seattle PD Special Report on the M26 Taser.

The Officer's Guide To Police Pistolcraft by Michael E. Conti.
A report on Michael E. Conti's book.

A few bullet by bullet descriptions of gunfights.

A write up of a "real time" house-check just across the street.

Are you a sitting duck for a lawsuit?

A discussion of a design defect in current handguns and torts.

Feedback and comments on P&S.

More comments on P&S.

Unfounded criticism of P&S.



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These pics are from the early 1950's.

Circa 54-55
Circa 54-55



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