Why the bio info?

Well, police and others question things, and some like credentials.

But and however; when you are dealing with innovation and advancement in shooting, such as Point Shooting for use in CQB situations, credentials attesting to old or outmoded behaviors may not be of much value.

And traditional and institutionalized practices and behaviors, can be almost insurmountable obstacles to shooting advancement. And in particular, in the world of the gun, which deals with life and death matters, and is steeped in military history, dogma, and tradition.

As such, they are not to be taken lightly.

Further, experts who have taught, and continue to teach the old and wrong shooting methods as proven so by scientific investigation and studies for use in CQB situations, can be expected to slam anyone who questions their behavior. And their associates can be expected out of fellowship, to do the same.

I know that's true and that it does happen based on my personal experience.


What science and the facts of the matter have established, is that what is, is what is.

And getting upset over that, won't change anything.

Hopefully, what is will lead to further investigation, introspection, and discussion, which in turn, will result in improved self defense survival methods for use by police and home defenders.


So, who am I?

I am not a gun expert, Guru, or LEO. I just object to current Police casualty rates, and shooting methods that don't work when they should.

I have been involved in the area of CQB shooting since 1997, and have had several articles on the subject area of Point Shooting, published in police publications such as the: Southern Lawman Magazine, The Backup, American Police Beat, Women Police, Police Magazine, PORAC, The Utah Peace Officer, and The Deputy Sheriff Magazine.

Here is a link to a listing of many of the articles that have been published in print and electronically.

I write about, and post information that comes from studies, stats, and writings by GUN EXPERTS and GUN PROFESSIONALS, and that which comes from my personal experience and testing.

Publication on this site and other web sites and blogs, and the use of YouTube videos, is the means of getting "my" message out.

My short video clip on the fatal flaw of the 1911, has been viewed 580,000 plus times as of July 2015. And as of July 2013, site hits in the last 24 months were 4 million+.

In my former life as a worker bee, my main career was as a civilian Fed, as a 30+ year worker, supervisor, branch and district manager, senior staff officer, branch chief, and executive officer.

I became interested in the area of CQB after seeing a 1997 shootout on TV. In it, an officer and a perp were about fifteen feet apart, yet no one was hit.

I was amazed, as I had thought up to that time that the police, gun makers, and trainers had things well in hand and knew what they were doing.

From that video, and a variety of others on the web on CQB shootouts, it was clear that was not the case.

I remembered that way back in 1954, when I was in the US Army in the First Division (The Big Red One), in Germany, and about to make a qualifying shoot with my 45 cal submachine gun (grease gun), that I was told by a WWII Sgt to use my index finger to aim with, and my middle finger to pull the trigger when shooting from the hip.

I had never shot that way, but did as I was told to do, even though I had doubts that it would work.

So, I was pleasantly surprised when I shot at the target from the hip, and while using my index finger to aim the gun, to see wood splinters flying off of the (1x4), wooden center post of the target.

P&S worked for me in 1954 !!!

Fast forward to 1997.

I thought why not use that method of shooting, which I call AIMED Point Shooting or P&S, with a pistol?

And so began my modern quest of bringing change to the world of the gun.

Had I known then, what I know now after some 15+ years into this journey, I may have not ventured out, because upstarts and innovators in the world of the gun, are about as welcome as witches in the Salem of old.


Below are three old photos of me and some patches and ribbons from my Army days.

I was in the 1st Signal Company of the 1st Division, and served a year+ in Germany during the occupation. After 8 weeks of basic infantry training at Fort Ord in Calif, I was sent to Camp Gordon GA for 6 mo hi speed radio operator training. Our radio/teletype van had a ring mounted 50 on it which I got to shoot when we went to the range.

The first picture shows me by a helicopter with a M-1 Carbine in 1954. I got a ride in the helicopter on the way to an Armed Forces Day exhibition. The trip took about an hour. Flew over miles of bombed out buildings which were still empty shells nine years after WWII.

The two others show me with a grease gun without magazine.


grease1 spacer grease2

1st Div spacer corpral spacer spec4 spacer medals

I also have put together an E-Book on AIMED Point Shooting or P&S as I call it.

Chapter 7 deals a paper written by Walter J. Dorfner who I consider to the modern day father of AIMED Point Shooting or P&S.

Walter J. Dorfner was the lead firearms instructor of the VSP (now retired and deceased). He learned of me via an early article of mine on Point & Shoot, and he sent me a copy of his paper on the system of Point Shooting that he had developed and experimented with independently.

His paper dealt with the development of what I now call AIMED Point Shooting. His paper provided scientific information and field trial information to back up what was said in the paper.

I made a digest of it, and we both had it published in police publications. Walter had the digest published in the Vermont Trooper as well as other police publications.

I object to folks who now take pot shots at Walter as he was a serious and concerned police professional firearms instructor who recognized what was reality in the area of CQB, and tried to make things better for police and the rest of us.

In terms of guns, I am not a novice, but I also am not a professional. I have shot bb guns, pellet guns, 22's, shotguns, a variety of auto loading pistols, 38 snub nose, M1 rifle, M1 carbine, 45 cal sub machine gun (grease gun), 30 cal machine gun, ring mounted 50 cal machine gun, shoulder mounted 3.5" bazooka, thrown a live hand grenade etc..

I also have assisted in the translation and publication of ten or so books on "classical" handguns.

Some years ago via the internet, a superb Belgian illustrator/author who writes in Belgian, French, and English, enlisted my cooperative help in "Americanizing" his translations of his illustrated books on guns, from Belgin and French to English.

I did that to be helpful and as a self learning experience. I tried to Americanize his "European English."

I have assisted with books on: Luger Producers, DWM Lugers, Luger Models, Luger Mechanical Features, The Nangant, The Savage 1907, Mauser C 96, Post 80 Colt Pistols, Small Caliber Colt's, The Russian Tokarev, and The Colt 1903 "Hammerless".

Gerard Henrotin the author, is much more than a writer about guns and an illustrator, his pictures and drawings, some of which are animated, are real works of art.

Check out his site: http://www.hlebooks.com/ebook/liste01.htm?hop=okjoe

Click here to visit his site.

His books describe via text, photos, and drawings, how weapons work and how they are dismounted. He also provides lots of info and insights into their history.

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